In the beginning, DJs were faceless human jukeboxes that played at the whim of their audience. When dance culture boomed DJs became superstars, and fame and ego replaced love of the music.

Lorenzio don’t chose each of that way but represents a third way: he is both a single-minded artist completely devoted to music, and a performer whose charisma is an intrinsic part of his global appeal.

Lorenzio is someone who can puzzle together intangible moods with a direct approach. Via his DJ sets mixed with live acapella’s or his productions, he merges perspectives in his delicate sense for sounds and reflective atmospheres, underpinned with solid, rythmical grooves inspired by southern sound’s. There’s something there for the dreamers, as well as for the 9-to-5ers who just want to lose everything in a moment of abandon on the dancefloor.

Born in Belgium and raised in a music background, Lorenzio wont to define that musical art in his perfomances and productions.
His love of music keeps him doing what he likes. Most DJs would stop there but Lorenzio’s outstanding characteristic is his refusal to rest on his laurels. “in life you have dreams, but there are a few ho actually making them true” he says. “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”



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